Simplified Holidays

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Ready to plan a truly happy holiday with less stress and shorter to-do lists? Simplified Holidays is a digital workbook and planner that includes:

  • A step-by-step system that will help you map out your holiday priorities and simplify your holiday to-do list.
  • Guided questions to help you visualize and create your ideal holiday season.
  • Planner pages to keep track of your holiday budget, gifts, menus, events, travel plans, and more.
  • Post-holiday reflection questions to help plan for future holiday celebrations.
  • Decluttering guidance and tips to deal with the influx of new things so you can start the new year off right.
  • Printable calendar pages (Oct-Jan), inspirational quotes, and labels to organize your home.

Don't spend another holiday overwhelmed by your to-do list!

*Please note this is an instant digital download. Nothing will be sent in the mail.